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Express Next Credit Card Payment | Apply Online

The rewards earned on this card are double paced to allow for better savings annually. 20 points are given per dollar when spending with the credit card and 2,500 ($125) points is the redemption equivalent of $10. Express Next Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank and it comes without an annual fee. Birthdays are another opportunity to earn rewards as the card has no intro period APR. It is a Visa card usable in all locations Visa is accepted and the credit requirement is low.Express next credit card

Express Next Credit Card Benefits

  • Annual fee is not charged.
  • Each dollar can earn users 15 points.
  • Birthday gifts are given by the credit card company.
  • To get A-list status, a user only has to get 750 points.
  • 2,500 points is the redemption equivalent of $10.

Express Next Credit Card Fees/Rates

A rate of 25.24% is the regular applied APR while annual and cash fees are no charged. Introductory APR and cash advance APRs are also not available.

How to Apply for the Express Next Credit Card


Application for this credit card is open to only those who meet the requirements mentioned below:

  • They must be no younger than 18 years of age.
  • They must have a photo ID that is valid.
  • They are to have a social security number.
  • Their credit history must be clear when checked out.

How to Apply

  • Go to the website of Express Next and apply for the card using the “Apply Now” button.
  • Thereafter, you are to review the conditions and regulations for application.
  • On the form, start filling the spaces with your: country or APO/FPO/DPO, full name, home address, city, state, ZIP code, social security number, phone number and birthdate.
  • Next, enter your email address and indicate if you want to be part of the Express Next Rewards Program.
  • After this, you will be required to go through the costs, electronic services and any other thing that requires your consent.
  • Indicate your agreement to all the terms and conditions appropriately, including the Privacy Notice.
  • Then, you can submit your form for approval by clicking the link: “Submit to Open and Account”.

How to Check Status

To check the status of an application, you are simply to call: 1-888-EXP-1980 and giving the application reference number.

To Cancel Credit Card

Cancellation of a credit can be done over the phone, dial 1-800-291-4955 for this.

To Activate Credit Card

Activate your credit card as soon as it arrives by calling: 1-800-291-4955 and providing the card details when they are required.

Customer Service

To get to those in charge of customer support for this card, call: 1-800-291-4955.

Firestone Credit Card Payment Login | Apply Online

The credit card has a reasonable credit limit and application requirements (low credit requirement) are not rigid along with a flexible bill payment schedule. On this card, full bill payments in a period of 6 months allow users escape interest charges.Firestone credit card

There are no annual fees and foreign transaction fees for the Firestone Credit Card. It is issued by the Bridgestone Retail Operation.


Firestone Credit Card Benefits

  • There is a reasonable credit limit set on the card.
  • Users get to enjoy a flexible bill payment schedule.
  • No annual and foreign transaction fees are charged.
  • Full bill payments in a period of 6 months allow users escape interest charges.
  • Approval for the credit card can be gotten easily.


Firestone Credit Card Fees/Rates

  • There are no annual fees.
  • No introductory APR is required.
  • A regular APR of 22.8% is applied.
  • No cash advance APR is applied.
  • It has no fee for cash advances.


How to Apply for the Firestone Credit Card

To apply for this credit card, all applicants must measure up to these criteria:

  • They must all be 18 years of age or more.
  • They are to have photo identification issued by the government.
  • Their must be no bankruptcy declaration in their credit history.
  • They should have a social security number.

How to Apply

  • To start the application process, and applicant should go to the credit card homepage via this link:
  • Next, applicants will find themselves on the application form page and start to fill the form.
  • The form contains specified spaces for the following personal, security and financial details: full name, date of birth, street address, city, state, ZIP code and indicate if the address is a year old or more.
  • Then they are also to enter their SSN, driver’s license and the date it was issued.
  • After this, they are to indicate their annual gross income.
  • Then they are to submit the form by tapping on “continue”.

To Check Application Status

If you want to check the status of your application, you can call: 1-800-321-3950 and when you are asked for the application reference number, you are to give it.

To Cancel Credit Card

Card cancellation is the same thing as closing the credit card account, so to close the account, you are to place a call to 1-800-321-3950 and request for your card to be cancelled.

To Activate Credit Card

If you want to activate your credit card, you are required to call: 1-800-321-3950 and give the card number, username and the expiration date.

Customer Service

To contact a customer care agent, call: 1-800-321-3950 and make your inquiries.

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