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Fingerhut Credit Card Payment Application | Apply Online

This credit card allows users set up a low bill payment and it has no annual fee charge. There is a 20% discount on purchase of cold weather items. The Fingerhut store has lots of goods with many popular brands like Samsung, KitchenAid, Dyson and so on. With the card, you can thus get household electronic appliances, interior decoration items and other useful home transforming merchandise.Fingerhut credit card

The Fingerhut Credit Card can help users to improve their credit history as their activities are reported to the major credit bureaus, so it is vital that bills are settled when due. An instant online response facility is provided as well for this card.

 Fingerhut Credit Card Benefits

  • Credit card annual fee charges are cancelled.
  • There is no payment of overlimit fee.
  • Bill payments can be scheduled to user’s convenience.
  • Low bill payment settings are allowed.
  • A discount of 20% is applied on cold weather items.


Fingerhut Credit Card Fees/Rates

  • There is no annual fee payment.
  • Introductory APR is not offered.
  • Regular APR of 25.15% is charged.
  • Cash advances do not have an applied APR.
  • Card advance do not come with fees for this card.


How to Apply for the Fingerhut Credit Card

If you are interested in applying for the Fingerhut Credit Card, you should consider the following information on criteria:

  • Only those aged 18 and above can apply for this card.
  • It is open to just US residents.
  • A clear credit history is also a requirement.
  • Every applicant needs a social security number.

How to Apply

  • Go to the Fingerhut website to start.
  • Indicate first if you received a credit offer in the catalog.
  • Then, you are to move to the application page and input: name, address, city, state, ZIP code and phone number.
  • Next, details such as date of birth, social security number and income will be required.
  • After this, you are to fill the provided catalog numbers and this will help you get rewards.
  • Then an electronic means of receiving account statements can be selected.
  • The terms, conditions and rates are reviewed and if they are found to be satisfactory, the acceptance box is ticked.
  • Read through the credit card disclosure policies before you submit the enrollment form for approval.

Check Application Status

To check the application status of this credit card, call: 1-800-208-2500 and give the reference number of your application.

How to Cancel Credit Card

To cancel a Fingerhut Credit Card, call: 1-800-208-2500, this will aslo lead to closing the card account.

Customer Service

Call the customer care number: 1-800-208-2500 and you can choose to make any credit card related request to the agent. Some requests can be for: bill payments, credit application, orders and so on.

Peebles Credit Card Payment Login Online

With the Peebles Credit Card, users can shop at the Peebles stores and enjoy card exclusive rewards like discounts and cash backs. Users are offered gifts on their birthdays and they do not have to pay an annual fee. The card does not offer an introductory APR and its credit requirement is good. It is issued by Comenity Bank.Peebles credit card

Peebles Credit Card Benefits

  • Card purchases of up to $100 earns users a rebate of $5.
  • It offers Club 40 and other fantastic discounts.
  • There are special savings offers.
  • Preferred card holders get a $10 rebates and Platinum card holders gets $20
  • Gives gifts to users on their birthdays.

Peebles Credit Card Fees/Rates

A regular APR of 25.24% is applied on the card while there are no annual fees and introductory APR applied. Cash advances are not available nor are their fees.

How to Apply for the Peebles Credit Card

For approval in enjoying the benefits that come with the Peebles Credit Card, users are to meet this requirements:

  • They are to be no younger than 18 years old.
  • They are to have valid social security number.
  • Their credit history is to be clear.
  • They are all to have a photo identification that is valid.
  • They are required to be residents of the United States.
  • They should have a street address, APO/FPO or rural route for mailing deliveries.

How to Apply

  • Go to the Comenity Bank website and locate the Peebles Credit Card.
  • Tap on the card and read through the fees, costs, and other conditions before you go on with the application process.
  • When you proceed to the application page, you will first be required to enter details such as: full name, suffix, date of birth, social security number and income.
  • The next section, users are required to enter contact info like: house address, apartment number, city, state, ZIP code, email address and phone numbers.
  • You can also choose to add an extra account user by first tapping on the appropriate “yes” and giving details about the user.
  • After you have ensured that the details are correct, submit the card application form by tapping on the “continue” button.

How to Check Status

To check the status of your application, simply dial: 1-800-723-4528 and when requested for, give the application reference number.

How to Cancel Card

To cancel a credit card, you are to call: 1-800-723-4528 and ask for your credit card to be cancelled or account to be closed. You can also go to the bank as well.

How to Activate Card

To activate your card, it must be when it has been received. If so, just call: 1-800-723-4528  and supply the needed card details for activation.

Customer Service

To contact a customer care agent, dial: 1-800-723-4528.


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