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The Justice Credit Card is designed for customers of Justice stores to make fast and easy purchases and pay later for them. Issued by Capital One Bank, the card gives users a discount of 15% on their first purchase, be it in-store or online. Another benefit gained from using the card is that they are given a discount of 5% applies on all eligible purchases as well as free shipping. It requires a good credit score and charges no annual fees.


Justice Credit Card Benefits

  • Regular purchases with the card are done at a discount of 5%.
  • An offer of 15% discount is given twice: when the application form is approved newly and on the next purchase after the application.
  • Free shipping services are offered.
  • Users get invites to barns events.
  • Their bonus are saved.
  • Card users get first access to special offers.
  • They get to use the online forum to manage their account.
  • Extra cards are added with no additional charges.


Justice Credit Card Fees/Rates

The regular APR for this card is 27.24% while the annual payment is canceled. No period of introductory APR is included and cash advances do not have an available rate and fee.


How to Apply for the Justice Credit Card

  • Follow the link: https://justice.capitalonecards.com to open the credit application process.
  • First, tap on the credit card and know more about it.
  • Then go to the application form in the next page that will involve your entering: your name, email address, home address, apartment number, phone number, social security number and date of birth.
  • Next, your financial information should follow as thus: employment status, income, indicate if you own the house or not and monthly payments.
  • After this is complete, tap on “continue” and the form will be submitted.


How to Check Status

To check your application status, dial: 1-888-774-8658 and when requested for, supply your application reference number.

Card Cancellation

In order to cancel a credit card that you no longer desire to make use of, call: 1-888-774-8658.

Customer Service

The customer service number for this credit card is: 1-888-774-8658.

How to Activate Card

  • If you will like to get your card registered after it arrives, you can choose to do it by phone by calling: 1-888-774-8658.
  • To activate it via the online platform, when you get to the login page, tap on the “register for online access” link.
  • Then you will get to a page that requires you to enter the credit card number, ZIP/Postal code and the last four digits of either your social security number or social insurance number.
  • Then, tap on the “Find My Account” button.

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